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Tott is a surname. Notable people with the name include:

  • Åke Henriksson Tott or Achatius Tott (1598–1640), Swedish soldier and politician
  • Bridget Tott or Birgitte Thott (1610–1662), Danish translator, writer and feminist
  • Brita Tott (fl. 1498), Danish and Swedish noble, landowner, royal county administrator, spy and forger
  • Clara Tott (1440–1520), court singer
  • Clas Åkesson Tott (c. 1530 – 1590), military field marshal and member of the Privy Council of Sweden
  • Erik Axelsson Tott (c. 1419 – 1481), Dano-Swedish statesman and regent of Sweden
  • François Baron de Tott (1733–1793), aristocrat
  • Hanne Tott (1771–1826), Danish circus artist and circus manager
  • Ingeborg Tott (1440s–1507), Swedish noble, the consort of Sten Sture the elder

Usage examples of "tott".

Tott claimed afterward that Furber filled a chair like a leaky bag of potatoes.

Furber as a drape, Mat a lamp, Tott a shriek, Furber both frogs, Orcutt their leaps .

I had a good deal of conversation during the review with Count Tott, brother of the nobleman who was employed at Constantinople, and known as Baron Tott.