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n. (plural of tot English)

Usage examples of "tots".

As most tots, he had a very short attention span and these ploys worked until he was old enough to understand that his `good mornings' should be limited to his immediate family.

There was enough to provide two decent tots for each adult to celebrate the discovery of the saddle of pitchblende.

I poured out hefty tots, one apiece for Hardanger and myself, the other two for the police drivers and if Hardanger took a dim view of this theft of property and contravention of standing orders by offering intoxicating liquor to policemen on duty he kept it to himself.

If those to be flogged were popular then many of their shipmates illicitly hoarded their most valued possession, their morning and evening tots of rum, so that (if it could not be smuggled to the prisoners to drink before being marched on deck) they had something to deaden the pain after the punishment.

Then Bowen had demanded both his noon and evening tots together but received without argument only one.

Lucky we've plenty of brandy: they get two tots a day--keeps 'em happy so they don't notice they're hungry.

Lucky we've plenty of brandy: they get two tots a day—keeps 'em happy so they don't notice they're hungry.

He was drunk not from a few incautious tots earlier, but because he had long ago reached the stage where he needed a tot an hour to get through the day, just as a ship could only get to windward by tacking.

In other words, if a seaman hoarded his tots of rum for a few days, contrary to regulations, got drunk and was caught, then the punishment was a dozen lashes.

When it was cool he would sell it to the men, earning himself some illicit pennies or tots and giving the men something to help the hard biscuit slide down their gullets.