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Tóth (sometimes Toth) is a very common surname in Hungary, meaning " Slav" and later " Slovak" in old Hungarian (now spelt tót).

It can also mean " Croat", since one of the Hungarian names for Slavonia (the northern part of Croatia, bordering to Hungary) was Tothorszag; although Horváth is the more usual contemporary formulation.

The surname Toth is also a less common German surname (Tod), which is a variation of the old German word for 'death'.

Notable bearers include:

  • Alex Toth (1928–2006), American cartoonist
  • Amerigo Tot (1909–1984), Hungarian sculptor
  • Saint Alexis Toth (1853–1909), Slovakian priest of the Russian Orthodox church who served in the United States
  • André De Toth (1912?–2002), American filmmaker
  • Andrea Tóth (born 1980), Hungarian water polo player
  • Árpád Tóth (1886–1928), Hungarian poet
  • Claudia Toth (born 1981), Austrian curler
  • Ed Toth, American drummer
  • Eric Justin Toth (born 1982), suspected child pornographer and FBI Ten Most Wanted fugitive
  • Ferenc Tóth (sport wrestler) (1928–2003), Hungarian Greco-Roman wrestler
  • Ferenc Tóth (pilot), Hungarian glider aerobatic champion
  • Ivett Tóth (born 1998), Hungarian figure skater
  • Jennifer Toth (born 1967), English journalist and writer
  • Jerry Toth (1928–1999), Canadian composer and woodwind player
  • Juraj Tóth, Slovak astronomer
  • Kaleb Toth (born 1977), Canadian lacrosse player
  • Kálmán Tóth (1831–1891), Hungarian poet
  • Kevin Toth (born 1967), American shot putter
  • Lazlo Toth (vandal) (born 1940), Australian who took a geologist hammer to Michelangelo's Pieta
  • László Fejes Tóth (1915–2005), Hungarian mathematician
  • Mihály Tóth II (born 1974), Hungarian footballer
  • Mike Toth (born 1963), Canadian sports anchor
  • Noémi Tóth (born 1976), Italian water polo player
  • Peter Wolf Toth (born 1947), American sculptor
  • Steve Toth (born 1960), American politician
  • Taylor Toth (born 1988), American figure skater
  • Tamás Tóth (born 1989), Hungarian triathlete
  • Tom Toth (born 1962), American football player
  • Zsófia Tóth (born 1989), Hungarian triathlete
  • Taylor N. Toth (born 1995), American World Champion Equitation Rider
  • David P. Toth (born 1983), 2x World Racquetball Champion
  • Donald A. Toth (born 1985), master carpenter and sheet metal extraordinaire

Usage examples of "toth".

A huge crack opened in the floor, and Toth and Ament dropped into the pit and disappeared.

Je suis le plus ignorant des hommes et je viens bien humblement vous demander ce que vous pensez du secret de Toth.

In the very center, enclosed within that inner ring of seers, stood the silver-haired Vard and the giant Toth.

Toth, as well as at other holdings, Dokken had made sure the illicit Veritas still trickled out among the populace unabated, creating anarchy and indirectly weakening the Truthsayers Guild as well.

Toth peut en tuer un autre par des moyens inconnus au restant des hommes.

USS billfish Commander Harrison Toth IV stepped up to the periscope stand of the USS Billfish, shouldering aside the heavy curtain surrounding the periscope stand that was used to screen out the glow from the control-room instruments when the room was rigged for black.

USS billfish The eerie, detached feeling left Commander Toth abruptly.

The other two captains, long since dead, had founded the powerful landholdings of Toth and Koman many generations earlier.

Toth and Koman were talking of doing the same thing, and soon First Landing might be bypassed entirely.

Single-passenger cars whistled in from the outlying areas, and cargo haulers trundled along the rails delivering supplies and resources: sweet-smelling pine lumber from Toth Holding, fish and kelp and bricks from Sardili Shores, salt and processed chemicals from the dry lakebeds of Dokken Holding.

As if completing an important ceremony, the elder Toth deposited his precious apples into an empty fruit bowl on the table, stared at his work, then began the long and tedious process of turning his body around and hobbling back out to the orchards again.

Sardili Shores, to the metal-rich hills of Koman, the tall mountains of Toth, the rolling pasturelands of Bondalar, the lake district of Carsus, and others, including his own rocky desert.

Toth, huge and silent, went over to the side of their shelter, picked up two leather waterbags and started down the steep slope toward the spring.

As Toth came back up from the spring with the two dripping waterbags, Polgara emerged from their shelter, brushing her long, dark hair.

Toth said, then looked in dismay at the transmitting set in his hand, holding up bloody fingers.