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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Tosto \Tos"to\, a. [It.] (Mus.) Quick; rapid.

Pui tosto[It.] (Mus.), faster; more rapid.

Usage examples of "tosto".

Campo Tosto, I must explain, was a Belgian, settled for many years in England, who had left all his property to the man who looked after him.

Kel and Tosti shrieked with glee as the Aoi woman rolled over, lifting her shield to protect herself.

Ma in quel momento la nave s'incagliò in un banco di sabbia immobilizzandosi, cosicché le onde presero a frangersi contro di essa con tale violenza, che tutti ci aspettavamo di perire da un istante all'altro, e tosto tornammo a riparare sotto coperta per ripararci dalla spuma e dagli spruzzi del mare.

And Whyte-Melville and old Tosti have crammed it into twenty lines of verse and a hundred or so bars of music, and while the result may not be great, by God it's true and real, and that is why that song still has a kick like a mule, for all its old-fashionedness.