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The two-day bicycle Tour of the Scioto River Valley is better known by its acronym, TOSRV. It began as a father-and-son outing in 1962 before quickly growing into (at one time) the nation's largest bicycle touring weekend. It is non-competitive and is held annually on Mother's Day weekend.

About 3000 cyclists participate in the annual Mother's Day weekend tour, covering 210 miles during the weekend (105 miles Saturday and 105 miles Sunday). The tour leaves from Columbus, Ohio on Saturday morning, the riders spend the night in Portsmouth on the Ohio River, and return on Sunday to Columbus.

TOSRV is organized by Columbus Outdoor Pursuits (COP), an organization with a full range of non-competitive outdoor activities. The tour has become known as America's Bicycle Touring Classic.

Since the TOSRV route runs along the Scioto River valley, it avoids the large hills of southern Ohio. The first 50 miles south of Columbus include some slight grades, and from mile 50 to mile 65 there are a series of short, steep hills. The remaining miles to Portsmouth are relatively flat for a total of 105 miles (169 kilometers) for the day. The Tour returns to Columbus along the same route.

TOSRV is not for the casual cyclist. To enjoy TOSRV riders should have ridden at least 400 miles during the two months prior to the Tour including at least one 75-mile day. The riders, their bicycles, and equipment must be in top shape. In the 1970s and 1980s, there were around 6000 to 7000 riders who participated in TOSRV.