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Toshl is a free software suite designed to allow its users to track their personal financial expenses. Expenses are "flagged" with one or many Tag_(metadata) helping user to better track and filter their spending process. Each expense can be extended with description.

Toshl is predominately a mobile phone client software, supporting Android and Nokia Maemo (n900 phone model only) platforms with web could service sync via application homepage , available only to the registered users. Web site also allows its users to view, manage and export their expenses.

Both mobile clients follow the same design and usability pattern, with small differences following the specifics of the platforms. Android version is capable of landscape and portrait mode, while Nokia Maemo version only supports landscape. Both mobile client applications are available for free, Android client via google android market, while Nokia Maemo version is available via Toshl's own software repository.

Toshl Android application was launched in November 2009, followed by launch of version 1.5 in March 2010 with Nokia Maemo and web sync support.