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She blinked up at Toryn, through lids that now had no eyelashes, and she tried to reach a hand to Toryn.

Some on the list tried to get others to go in their places, but Toryn was the only one who got away with that.

The computer was programmed to believe Toryn Farr would find such information important.

The Rebels had all disappeared, though soon he was to meet Toryn Farr and five of her hand-picked fighters.

Friends and family crowded around Toryn and the others, and many wept to see them.

More than once, Jenna found herself straying from the path, wandering away as Seancoim and Toryn continued on.

The first time it happened, Seancoim called to her, breaking the spell, and Toryn laughed.

Toryn turned away that there were tufts of moss in his ears, and that Toryn pushed them in deeper as he strode away.

Seancoim and Toryn walking up the slope from under the emerald cave of the oaks.

High above them, at the cliff edge, Jenna saw Toryn staring down, his face pale.

She had expected Toryn to be with the old Protector, but this boy was blond and no more than fourteen, far younger than Toryn.