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vb. (context obsolete English) To throw, cast.

Usage examples of "torve".

These kumquats were of a variety developed in modern times and Torve was eating only the sweet golden rinds and setting the little fruits aside.

One was a Trog named Torve, a light brown, woolly, six foot tall toad.

As he did, Torve the Trog, having left his place by the line, came up.

When Torve stepped to the side, Villiers crossed the invisible line that kept those in the waiting room separated from the arriving passengers.

Villiers told Torve how to reach their quarters and how the door might be convinced to let him enter.

Villiers approached the covey of females, and Torve, his minute of waiting at an end, turned and walked away.

Villiers was not sure of the principles of the art, however, and Torve was unable or unwilling to explain them, but which of the two Villiers was also uncertain.

Even if Villiers had not been informed that Torve was inventing rather than practicing something he had put in final form, he would have known, or thought he would.

Villiers turned to see Torve the Trog in company with a short, fat priest in crimson.

A favorable line of occurrence, indeed, but that was Torve for you: a nexus.

It was raining on Yuten when Villiers and Torve left the Navy cruiser there.

He left the cheetahs strutting and preening at each other and favoring Torve with dubious looks.

Villiers looked at it, sighed, and then returned to Torve and the pair of cheetahs.

He squatted and looked at Villiers and Torve, who had returned to their own pursuits.

When they changed to the other end they could see that Torve had attracted several admirers.