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Toru (given name)

Tōru (Toru, Tooru, Touru or Tohru) is a male Japanese given name. There are some females with the name, and certain manga/anime female characters, but it's rather uncommon in Japan, and the purpose of it is often to convey certain meanings or to trigger attention. It can be expressed with several kanji.


Tõru is a village in Lääne-Saare Parish, Saare County in western Estonia.

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Usage examples of "toru".

Their names were Toru and Hiroto, but if these were too challenging Edward was welcome to call them Tommy and Henry.

A model, and a superb model at that, gorgeous, and his heart, his heart performed a maneuver when he saw Toru wind an elastic running through the interior.

The omo rose, it flew, like a bird, wingstrokes carrying it higher, and Toru inside, steady.

The craft passed above the crowd, wings moving in beautiful strokes, flying over homes and pagodas and towers of the keep, and the crowd still cheering, even when they could see Toru struggling -- perhaps screaming, it was impossible to hear him for the engine -- and flames spread from there, fuselage burning and Tom struggling for control while also beating at a fire.

When Edward saw Toru among this group of elites, early during the Chinese conflict, he requested an audience.

Lord Toru dismissed me because I picked up the master-of-arms and threw him against the wall.

After three days in jail Toru Sakai was released from jail when police and prosecutors determined they did not have enough evidence at that point to hold him on a murder charge.

Then on April 20, Meier said he went to the Beverly Hills home and waited while Toru met his father at a nearby hotel to ask the elder Sakai to come with him to the home.

He is now expected to be the key witness in the prosecution of his best friend, Toru Sakai, 21, who is charged with murder and conspiracy in the fatal stabbing of his father.

Felker said, but the information he provided after receiving immunity was critical in bringing charges against the man believed to be the actual killer, Toru Sakai.

Meier and Toru Sakai were close friends who had met at San Marino High School when they played tennis together.

Meier said that Toru Sakai talked on and off of wanting to kill his father for three months in early 1987.

April 20, 1987, according to Meier, Toru lured his father to a vacant home in Beverly Hills that Sanae Sakai managed for an investor.

Without the body or any other conclusive evidence that a murder had occurred, Toru Sakai, then 21, was released uncharged after two days in jail.

Toru Sakai police believe may be credible was an anonymous call in early 1988 from a woman who knew unpublished details about the Sakai family and the case and told investigators that Toru had left the country by crossing the Canadian border to Vancouver.