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n. An act of torture vb. (present participle of torture English)

  1. adj. extremely painful [syn: agonizing, agonising, excruciating, harrowing, torturous, torturesome]

  2. n. the act of torturing someone; "it required unnatural torturing to extract a confession" [syn: torture]

Usage examples of "torturing".

After the great public fetes, receptions, acclamations, and parades which marked his return to Rome, when he and his nobles all had been heaped with honors and blessings, thanked and praised to the very skies by everyone except the prisoners in the dungeons, sat in attendance at torturings, maimings, burnings, impalements, and more inventive or novel executions of more prominent officers of the defeated faction, then he saw his few remaining thousands mounted and began the march back north, moving as fast as he could without unnecessarily tiring marching men or horses and without giving needless offense to those along the way set upon expressing their gratitude of his aid against and final victories over the oppressors.