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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Torta \Tor"ta\, n. [Cf. Sp. torta a cake.] (Metal.) a flat heap of moist, crushed silver ore, prepared for the patio process.


n. 1 (context US English) A sandwich, served either hot or cold, on an oblong white sandwich roll, derived from Mexican cuisine 2 A Philippine omelette of ground meat and potatoes. 3 A flat heap of moist, crushed silver ore, prepared for the patio process.


Torta is a Spanish, Italian, Hungarian and Portuguese word with a wide array of culinary meanings.

Torta (disambiguation)

Torta can refer to:

  • Torta, a Spanish word with a huge array of regional culinary meanings, from its traditional meaning of flatbread to cake
    • Torta de Gazpacho, a flatbread
    • Torta, a Mexican sandwich
    • Torta, a kind of Philippine omelette of ground meat and potatoes, although in Visayas and Mindanao, 'torta' refers to a sponge cake
  • Torta, the Hungarian, Czech, Slovak, Bosnian, Croatian, Serbian, Italian, Portuguese and Bulgarian word for cake, typically made with layered sponge & cream, chocolate or fruit filling
  • Torta, a surname with origins in Northern Italy near Venice
  • Bidens torta, the corkscrew beggartick, a plant species
  • Torta, a type of lava dome erupted by volcanoes

Usage examples of "torta".

I had always thought that, on Christmas Eve, Father Baba brought to all Venetian children the traditional torta di lasagna of the season.

I could barely open my mouth when my pear torta was placed ceremoniously in front of me.

Focaccia alla salvia, torta pasqualina, trenette col pesto, trippa con il sugo di tocco, burrida, tomaxelle, cima alla Genovese, dozens more.

Tommaso, who was skinning some eels to put into a torta, barely nodded his head when he saw me, but Luigi and the other boys crowded round, wanting to hear about the journey, and especially the story of Onionface, from my own lips.

Si fece portare una zuppa di verdura, un hamburger, patate fritte, insalata di cipolle, insalata di cavoli, dolce di cioccolato con gelato e (ripensan­doci) torta di mele, il tutto innaffiato con cinque tazze di caffè.

Lui e Nora prepararono un elaborato pasto tradizionale per loro tre soli: tacchino al forno con castagne, frutti di mare, carote glassate, pannocchie arrostite, insalata di cavolo e torta di zucca.

They all walked the streets of colored lights, these vendors of tortas, tacos, tamales, helotes on a stick and whatever kind of food one wanted for a buck or a penny.