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n. (plural of tor English)


Tors may refer to:

  • Ivan Tors (1916–1983), playwright, screenwriter and film and television producer
  • Tor (rock formation), rock outcrops

Usage examples of "tors".

Laria asked as Clarf Tower's genera tors hit an even pitch after the latest drone launch.

The Trueheart Mines lay but ten miles outside the western bounds of the forest itself, the high tors where Phair Caron had her base camp less than half that distance north and east.

On the tors dragons woke, stretching long necks, their red scales shining in the sullen light of a sunless day.

On the tors the dragons roused, their cries contentious, the beasts growing restless.

She looked around at the other dragons spiraling down from the tors, her captains saddling their steeds, her army spreading around her, finding the shape of their battle formations.

Wide wings outspread, they sailed from the tors, each with a helmed and armored rider, the Highlord and her mage and four of her strongest, most canny commanders.

His shadow ran on the killing ground, black on the bleeding mass, until he reached the very tors beneath which lay the Highlord's tent.

Out from behind the tors, like sun from behind lowering clouds, came another flight of griffins, pride upon pride, and the largest, the oldest, was a male whose reputation was known among dragonkind.

But now it seems that a confluence of fac tors makes it necessary to confide in you.

Many onlookers glowered upon hearing the Progeni tors called "mythical.

She had once amused herself with the whimsy that the thorns were the gorupear's protec tors, for the two invariably grew close together.

The plains themselves led up into the Signal Mountains, an ancient range, timeworn by wind and rain, now no more than high tors, no more than the spines and ribs of former giants, curving in a long easterly arc from Challerain Keep in the far north to Beacontor and the Dellin Downs in the south.

Between the two tors ran the road, passing up over the low saddle and on down to the east.

On the fourteenth day of travel it rained, and as the chill drizzle fell, they passed through the Argent Hills, the high-mounded tors running from the Dalara Plains in the west to the Rigga Mountains in the east.

Through foothills and craggy tors they rode, among wooded land canting this way or that and pitching up and down, and at times they had to dismount and walk, occasionally backtracking to find an easier way.