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Torry is an area within the city of Aberdeen, Scotland, UK.

Usage examples of "torry".

I pity your poor husband when you come to marry, Trish, you have had enough lessons from Torry on how to put a man in his place to keep him in order.

They were seated in the carriage, about to leave for a reception and luncheon given by the Committee for the Welfare of Poor Women, of which Torry was a valued member.

Chapter Three Torry had told Trish that they were dining alone that night.

She had recovered her usual calm composure, and consequently she did not betray her surprise on finding that Gerard and Torry were not alone.

Alien answered, choosing the largest piece of territory he could think of in the hope that Torry would not pursue the conversation by asking which part of it, compelling him either to lie or be unconvincingly evasive.

Fortunately for both Alien and Trish that disposed of the matter, for Torry, aware that Trish had disliked speaking of the accident and putting her reticence down to her over vivid memories of it, steered the conversation into other channels.

I liked the bit when the traveller went back into the past, but, like Torry, I was frightened by his description of our future.

He saw Gerard raise his eyebrows, Torry smile, and Trish look sideways at him, her face glowing with approval.

Neither Gerard nor Torry sensed anything amiss, but Tom Moidore, that shrewd man of affairs, despite sitting opposite to Trish and Alien, felt rather than saw the silent message which passed between them.

He had remained silent after his re mark about South Africa and--last again--he walked to the drawing room to sit quiet, and outwardly deferential, on a chair near the sofa on which Torry and Trish sat, away from the armchairs of Gerard and Tom Moidore.

Otherwise they were constrained by being in the company of Gerard and Torry, separately or together.

She was on her own in the West End, for Torry being from America, where young ladies were allowed much greater freedom than the over-chaperoned English girls, allowed her to visit it without a maid in attendance.

She was not unhappy with Gerard and Torry at Park Lane, but there was a formality about life there which she often found constricting.

If Alien had had nothing to do with the shop she would have told Torry about it, but since he did it was better to keep quiet.

Best to say nothing to Torry yet, but to consult Timson, his know-all valet, a most useful hidden aide.