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n. (plural of lang=en torp)

Usage examples of "torps".

However, God helps those who help themselves, so this time, Torps, you can add your quota of assistance to the cause.

For a moment he hesitated about leaving Torps and Pilot there, looking down at their bodies butchered by splinters.

One after one the torps dived into the gravitic anomaly, and somehow the black hole managed to contain the vast energy their explosions released.

The passive sonars had tracked the attack sub, and the sounds of torps in the water had been audible right through the hull.

They rose in pitch and frequency as the torps closed, guided unerringly by reflected sound waves that plainly marked their intended target.

That was the risky way to deal with torps, turn into them and pray you could dodge your way past.

Pilot was back at the binnacle and Torps over beside his pronged sight.

The torps are enough hotter than the planet to show up like novae, when we happen to start them from the ship just outside the atmosphere.

Out in the ocean, a score of PT boats darted about, launching Firebirds and torps at the fifty enemy windjammers.

Spray a pattern of torps back toward the baby, we have a whole squad cutting out to go after him.

The first is that we don't have an exhaust port to dump proton torps into.

The rev had used the slingshot effect-to accelerate translation torps even faster than normal and to change his course back toward sector green without killing his speed.

Take the largest translation ship available and accelerate it to the max with subtranslation drives-beefed-up versions of what we use for torps.

As more scattered telltales began to flash amber, Trystin shut down the ventilation system and, as soon as the tubes reloaded, loosed two more torps.