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Toros may refer to:

  • Austin Toros, former (2005-2014) name of Austin Spurs, the NBA Development League minor league basketball team
  • Western District Toros, a soccer club from Adelaide, South Australia
  • Taurus Mountains (Toros Dağları or Toroslar), a mountain range in southern Turkey
  • Toros, a village in northern Bulgaria, part of Lukovit Municipality
Other uses
  • Toros Roslin (c.1210 – 1270), Armenian illustrator of manuscripts
  • TOROS missile (TOpçu ROket Sistemi) a short range missile
  • TOROS, Theatre Out Reach On Stage, a youth theatre company based out of North Bay, Ontario, Canada
  • St. Toros Church (Jerusalem)
Toros (village)

Toros is a village in Lukovit Municipality, Lovech Province, northern Bulgaria.