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Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

"bull," 1650s, from Spanish toro "bull," from Latin taurus (see steer (n.)).


Etymology 1 n. A traditional Japanese lantern. Etymology 2

n. (taxlink Rapanea salicina species noshow=1), a species of shrub or small tree native to New Zealand.

Toro (magazine) is an English language, web-only multimedia publication, billing itself as "the go-to destination for the discerning male." TORO uses state-of-the-art technology to examine contemporary society, with a humorous outlook on the best and worst of modern culture. TORO has established itself as a showcase for diverse subjects, including sports, style, drinks, cars, gadgets, gear and women.


Törő may refer to:

  • Szabolcs Törő, Hungarian handball player
  • András Törő, Hungarian canoer
Toro (comics)

Toro is the name of two fictional characters appearing in American comic books published by Marvel Comics. The first Toro was originally featured in Timely Comics and later as a Marvel Comics superhero who appeared as the partner of the original Human Torch.

Toro (company)

The Toro Company is an American manufacturer of turf maintenance equipment ( lawn mowers), snow removal equipment ( snow blowers) and water-saving irrigation system supplies for commercial and residential gardens, public parks, golf courses, sports fields, and agricultural fields. The company is based in the Minneapolis suburb of Bloomington, Minnesota.

Toro (mascot)

Toro is the official mascot of the NFL's Houston Texans. According to his official biography, he was "born" on April 21, 2001, making his Zodiac sign that of a Taurus. He visits many Houston Texans events, as he amuses different crowds with different antics. Toro has a program called the Toro Kids Club.


In Japan a is a traditional lantern made of stone, wood, or metal. Like many other elements of Japanese traditional architecture, it originated in China; however, extant specimens in that country are very rare, and in Korea they are not as common as in Japan.In Japan, tōrō were originally used only in Buddhist temples, where they lined and illuminated paths. Lit lanterns were then considered an offering to Buddha. During the Heian period (794–1185), however, they started being used also in Shinto shrines and private homes.

The oldest extant bronze and stone lanterns can be found in Nara. Taima-ji has a stone lantern built during the Nara period, while Kasuga-taisha has one of the following Heian period. During the Azuchi-Momoyama period (1568–1600) stone lanterns were popularized by tea masters, who used them as a decoration in their gardens. Soon they started to develop new types according to the need. In modern gardens they have a purely ornamental function and are laid along paths, near water, or next to a building.

Tōrō can be classified in two main types, the , which usually hang from the eaves of a roof, and the used in gardens and along the approach ( sandō) of a shrine or temple. The two most common types of dai-dōrō are the bronze lantern and the stone lantern, which look like hanging lanterns laid to rest on a pedestal.

In its complete, original form (some of its elements may be either missing or additions), like the gorintō and the pagoda the dai-dōrō represents the five elements of Buddhist cosmology. The bottom-most piece, touching the ground, represents chi, the earth; the next section represents sui, or water; ka or fire, is represented by the section encasing the lantern's light or flame, while (air) and (void or spirit) are represented by the last two sections, top-most and pointing towards the sky. The segments express the idea that after death our physical bodies will go back to their original, elemental form.


Rafael Ferreira Francisco usually known by the nickname Toró (born April 13, 1986 in Rio de Janeiro), is a Brazilian defensive midfielder, currently playing for SC Sagamihara.

Toro (DO)

Toro is a Spanish Denominación de Origen (DO) for wines in the province of Zamora, which is in the northwest of Castile and Léon ( Spain). The area covered by the DO is in the southeastern corner of Zamora province and includes the lands known as Tierra del Vino, Valle del Guareña and Tierra de Toro. It borders on the lands known as Tierra del Pan and Tierra de Campos. There are 8,000 ha under vines, of which 5,500 are registered with the DO Regulatory Council (Consejo Regulador).

Toro (archaeological site)

is an archaeological site in Suruga Ward in Shizuoka City, south of Tokyo, Japan. The remains there date to the 1st century CE, in the late Yayoi period, and was an administrative unit of the area. Discovered in 1943, it was excavated in 1947–48 and designated a Special Historic Site of Japan in 1952. Toro is also the name of the area surrounding it in the Japanese addressing system.

Toro (food)

TORO is a Norwegian manufacturer and brand of sauces, soups and other similar produce. Owned by Rieber & Søn, the plant is based in Indre Arna in Bergen and sold 140 million consumption units divided between 750 products. Of the 900 employees, 350 work at the plant in Indre Arna.

The TORO brand was launched in 1959 with the production of vegetable soup. Toro is Spanish for ox and registered in 1964. Three years later it moved from Nøstet to Arna. There have been nine expansions of the production plant since the start.

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Toro (Near-field communications wallet platform provider)

Toro Development Ltd. (Toro Ltd. or Toro) was founded in March 2007 to address the very promising market of Near-field communication (NFC) services. The company focuses on the front-end part of NFC application development, including the distribution and management of NFC services. Toro provides the user-interface(UI.) corresponding to the NFC applications on the secure element(s) of the phone, and on non-secure NFC applications (marketing, CRM, etc.). For that matter, Toro has developed and continues developing an NFC Wallet Platform (akami suite) that is complementary to the systems developed by the Trusted Service Managers (TSMs), and that is necessary to seamlessly distribute NFC services to end-users. In the NFC value chain, this front-end module is described as an NFC User Management System. One of the modules of this NFC User Management System is a NFC Wallet.

Toro (film)

Toro is a 2015 Manipuri film written and directed by Kirmil Soraisam, produced by Jinatombi Soraisam and presented by Sanamatum. The film features Soma Laishram as the titular protagonist, with Redy Yumnam, and Bala Hijam in the lead roles. Many actors like R.K. Hemabati, Ghanashyam, Dhanamanjuri, Surjit, Pakhangba, Mangal, Pamba Elangbam, Sorri Senjam, etc. and many more are playing supporting roles. After the release of its trailer and the two songs Lei Eigi Nungshiba Ama (Surma Chanu & Bishow Chanambam) and Nangna Khangbidraba Nungshiba (Pusparani Huidrom), the expectations on the movie have skyrocketed and audiences are sure that the film is going to be a visual treat for them.

Toro was released at Bhagyachandra Open Air Theatre (BOAT) on 9 April 2015. The film was screened in theatres of Manipur in September 2015. The film was screened at Pratap Talkies, Paona Bazar from 18 September 2015.

Usage examples of "toro".

The chief prosecutor made the introductions, one by one, in the formal Japanese manner, while waitresses in kimono and obi circulated with glasses of Louis Roederer champagne, beluga malossol caviar, and toro, the fat-webbed sushi Japanese loved.

Which is how I came to be standing in the middle of the Plaza de Toros in Madrid in a fancy bullfighting outfit while El Diablo stared at me through his beady little eyes and pawed the dirt.

Close enough to see into the eyes of the toro they were black and blank with stupidity and rage Luis vaulted aside, nimble as wind, and drove the sticks into the crimson gash opened by the picador.

John Pope nor randy Claggett won assignments to Patuxent River with their 1952 applications, and after the Korean War ended they lost contact, Claggett going to a Marine squadron at El Toro in California, Pope to the Navy installation at Jacksonville, on the opposite side of the continent.

They rocked along in a jangle of light past appliance shops with Aztec temples painted on their facades, bodegas clubs souvenir shops, their bright windows aglitter with crystal crosses gilt madonnas rhinestone eagle knives flashing in miles of red midnight, little stucco caves with corrugated iron doors rolled partway down, interiors littered with every form of cheapness: mirrors with ornate tin frames, torrero capes with airbrushed scenes from the Plaza del Toros, sombreros festooned with embroidery and bits of broken mirror, switchblades with dragons worked in gold paint you could scrape off with your thumbnail.

El pescuezo era corto, como de toro, el pecho inexpugnable, los brazos peleadores y largos, la nariz rota, la cara aunque historiada de cicatrices menos importante que el cuerpo, las piernas chuecas como de jinete o de marinero.

Elsie was alone in the room, dancing one of those wild Moorish fandangos, such as a matador hot from the Plaza de Toros of Seville or Madrid might love to lie and gaze at.

Twenty minutes later he pulled into a rutted, gravel parking lot of a popular nightspot called El Toro.

Habló de hombres a quienes la inmersión en la caliente sangre de un toro había hecho inmortales.

Ese hombre muerto que aborrezco tuvo en su mano cuanto los hombres muertos han visto y ven los que están vivos: las ciudades, climas y reinos en que se divide la tierra, los tesoros ocultos en el centro, las naves que atraviesan el mar, los instrumentos de la guerra, de la música y de la cirugía, las graciosas mujeres, las estrellas fijas y los planetas, los colores que emplean los infieles para pintar sus cuadros aborrecibles, los minerales y las plantas con los secretos y virtudes que encierran, los ángeles de plata cuyo alimento es el elogio y la justificación del Señor, la distribución de los premios en las escuelas, las estatuas de pájaros y de reyes que hay en el corazón de las pirámides, la sombra proyectada por el toro que sostiene la tierra y por el pez que está debajo del toro, los desiertos de Dios el Misericordioso.

The queen's curiosity was excited, and at last the king gave in, and her majesty read the following: "Ti aspettero nel medesimo luogo, ed alla stessa ora, coll' impazienza medesima che ha una vacca che desidera l'avvicinamento del toro.

Ahí estaban los drusos, unos ciento cincuenta, todos velados y con túnicas blancas, alrededor del toro de metal.

For a few days following, other problems and activities claimed most of the corregidors attention, and Manco was left helpless in the charge of Francisco de Solares, Alonso de Mesa, Alonso de Toro, Pedro Pizarro (an adolescent cousin of the Governor), and Gregorio Setiel.

I have confirmed destroyed six Toro tanks, two fast marauders, and four armored personnel carriers.

In the Plaza de Toros, up in the spectacular box seats reserved for House Atreides, Leto chose a green-cushioned chair beside Rhombur and Kailea.