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n. (plural of torment English) vb. (en-third-person singular of: torment)

Usage examples of "torments".

Poor Mary Magdalen had gone mad and suffered the torments of the damned because nature had given her two of her best gifts--beauty, and an excellent heart.

Angelique, a young maiden of seventeen summers, who must have suffered the torments of Tantalus during the night, and who only wishes for a pretext to shew that she has forgiven her sister, turns round, and covering her sister with kisses, confesses that she has not closed her eyes through the night.

I passed the whole day in these torments, thinking it would never come to an end, and in the evening I put a letter in my pocket, and went to my post at the hour agreed upon.

As I got to my door I seemed to be in a fever, and I lay down on my bed, but instead of the rest I needed I experienced only remorse and fruitless repentance-the torments of the damned.

The inventors of hell would not have failed to place that suffering among its torments, if they had known it.

I do not think any of His servants have endured greater torments than mine during this journey.

I knew that her torments must be greater than mine, and that she could not resist long.

It must be by mistake that those who have invented the torments of hell have forgotten to ascribe thee the first place among them.

He gave his refusal publicly, scolding her and threatening her with the torments of hell.

Desires constantly renewed and never fully satisfied are more terrible than the torments of hell.

I was full of restless anguish--the worst, perhaps, of the torments of the mind.

I know your lack of sleep torments you, but if you again deprive me of the only blessing I enjoy I will arise and strangle you.

Them feeling that compassion which his unheard-of torments should have excited.

The honour of the family would oblige her to get me out of the way, but before that she would make me suffer torments to which death is preferable by far.

Let us forget all, and thus spare ourselves the torments of vain desires.