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On the one hand, that meant security was fairly straightforward: anyone who wasn’t Glat or Torf wasn’t allowed in.

Since Glat was the owner, and Torf a mere programmer, Leck decided that Glat would give himself the higher number.

The next evening I found Torf in a better humour, so I said, 'You said Godfrey was a fool for losing the Holy Lance.

Placing the stoup on the floor, I dipped out a bowlful, and gave it to Torf, who guzzled it down greedily.

I think he was expecting to see a corpse, and instead found Torf sitting up and talking with me.

As we reached the hall, I glanced up and saw two stars shining over the steep thatched roof one for Torf, and one for Skuli, I decided.

Once, I asked Murdo for further explanation, but he just told me that whatever Torf had said was best forgotten.

Murdo's gaze shifted quickly to where Torf, Skuli, and Paul stood, as yet unaware that they were about to be joined by the Maddardson tribe.

He tucked this nugget of information into his memory to bring out later and impress Torf and Skuli.

It is all I can do to keep Torf and Skuli at my side - they are eager to take the battle to the infidel.

Emlyn rested his bulk against the trunk, and Torf reclined on the patch of dry grass around the gnarled and twisting roots.

There was so much, he could not think what to say, so merely stared at his brother, willing Torf to understand the need that had driven him over oceans to search them out, to lay his plea before them.

Mindful not only of the Eighty-Eighth Rule, but also the Two Thirty-Ninth—“Never be afraid to mislabel a product”—Glat and Torf had added another layer of security.