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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Toret \Tor"et\, n. [Probably dim. fr. tore, torus.] A Turret. [Obs.]


Toret \Tor"et\, n. A ring for fastening a hawk's leash to the jesses; also, a ring affixed to the collar of a dog, etc. [Obs.]


n. 1 (context obsolete English) A ring for fastening a hawk's leash to the jesses. 2 (context obsolete English) A ring affixed to the collar of a dog, etc.

Usage examples of "toret".

No matter how much money Toret heaped upon her for clothing and jewelry, she retained the appearance of a well-paid but tasteless prostitute.

Her only untainted feature was a set of bright sapphire eyes, and hence the name Toret had given her.

During frequent fits of temper, Sapphire called Toret all sorts of names and threw herself into sorrowful pouts until he relented to her whims.

Chane could take care of himself, but if fate were kind, Toret could lose his head.

When Toret found and turned Chane, a spoiled and arrogant young noble, their situation was safeguarded.

Well, now Rashed was dead, or so Toret had heard, and so much the better.

Ownership reverted to the city, and it had been for sale nearly a year when Toret bought it.

But one thing Toret had learned from Rashed was the absolute need for alternative escape routes.

When Chane returned, he handed Toret a small folded paper sealed at the center with wax.

The idea of Sapphire coming under such influence made Toret squirm in agitation.

If nothing came of it, Toret could, of course, just kill him and be done with it.

That in itself made Toret suspicious, but he sensed nothing else as well, not even tepid temperature.

He briefly wondered if Toret or Sapphire would give a whit about the possibility of a five-hundred-year-old epistolary journal written by a nameless soldier in a mythical war.

Chane was still exasperated that he had not eavesdropped on Toret that evening.

A later mention of another such venture would be enough for Toret to quickly give him leave to go alone.