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a. Of or pertaining to a torus


Toral may refer to:

  • Toral (given name)
  • Toral (surname)
  • Toral (Star Trek), fictional character in Star Trek
  • Operation Toral, the British codename for operation in Afghanistan post 2014
  • Toral Lie algebra
  • Surrender of General Toral, film
  • Toral de los Guzmanes, municipality in Spain
  • Toral de los Vados, municipality in Spain
Toral (given name)

Toral is a given name of the following people

  • José Toral y Vázquez (1832–1904), Spanish Army general
  • Toral Rasputra (born 1987), Indian television actress
Toral (surname)

Toral is a Spanish surname that may refer to

  • Francisco de Toral (1502–1571), Franciscan missionary in New Spain
  • Hernan Crespo Toral (1937–2008), Ecuadorean architect, archeologist and museologist
  • Janette Toral, Internet marketing specialist from the Philippines
  • Jon Toral (born 1995), Spanish association football player
  • José de León Toral (1900–1929), Mexican assassin
  • José Manuel Martínez Toral (born 1960), Spanish association football player
  • Luis Roberto García Toral (born 1973), Spanish association football player
  • Marcelino García Toral (born 1965), Spanish association football player
  • Mario Toral (born 1934), Chilean painter and photographer
  • Remigio Crespo Toral (1860–1939), Ecuadorean writer

Usage examples of "toral".

I may be the only way to spare those lives, while buying time for Starfleet to find Toral and stop him.

Chancellor Worf, that the United Federation of Planets will not rest until Toral is found and brought to justice.

We knew Toral would have his henchmen scan the body for any tracking device before bringing his body to him.

For several years Toral had been building up a strong following of extremists.

General Toral, notifying him that a bombardment would follow unless he surrendered.

General Toral replied that he had communicated my proposition to his General-in-Chief, General Blanco.

On the 14th another interview took place, during which General Toral agreed to surrender, upon the basis of his army, the 4th Army Corps, being returned to Spain, the capitulation embracing all of Eastern Cuba, east of a line passing from Aserraderos, on the south, to Sagua de Tanamo, on the north, via Palma, Soriano.

General Toral also arrived with a number of his officers and 100 infantry.

She wore only four earrings in each ear, and fewer medallions on her chain than Malin din Toral, and her clothing was all in reddish-yellow silk.

Preliminary agreement for the capitulation of the Spanish forces which constitute the division of Santiago de Cuba, occupying the territory herein set forth, said capitulation authorized by the Commander-in-Chief of the Island of Cuba, agreed to by General Toral and awaiting the approbation of the Government at Madrid, and subject to the following conditions: Submitted by the undersigned Commissioners-- Brigadier-General Don Frederick Escario, Lieutenant-Colonel of Staff Don Ventura Fontan and Mr.

Robert Mason, of the city of Santiago de Cuba, representing General Toral, commanding Spanish forces, to Major-General Joseph Wheeler, U.

Recognizing the chivalry, courage and gallantry of Generals Linares and Toral, and of the soldiers of Spain who were engaged in the battles recently fought in the vicinity of Santiago de Cuba, as displayed in said battles, we, the undersigned officers of the United States army, who had the honor to be engaged in said battle, and are now a duly organized commission, treating with a like commission of officers of the Spanish army, for the capitulation of Santiago de Cuba, unanimously join in earnestly soliciting the proper authority to accord to these brave and chivalrous soldiers the privilege of returning to their country bearing the arms they have so bravely defended.

To His Excellency, General Jose Toral, Commanding Spanish Forces in Eastern Cuba.

Robert Mason, of the city of Santiago de Cuba, appointed by General Toral, commanding the Spanish forces, on behalf of the Kingdom of Spain, and Major-General Joseph Wheeler, U.

I know the Baron of Vo Toral for a notorious spendthrift, but had not thought him dishonorable.