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TopoR (Topological Router) is an EDA program developed and maintained by Eremex company, based in Russia. It is dedicated to laying out a printed circuit board (PCB). It currently lacks schematic capture and library editing (which have to be done using third-party software), but features a powerful autorouter and a set of tools intended to reduce the amount of effort needed for manual routing of a PCB. The most recognizable feature of TopoR is absence of preferred routing directions, which results in unusual looking PCBs.


Topór (Polish for "axe") may refer to:

  • Topór coat of arms
  • Topór, Mińsk County in Masovian Voivodeship (east-central Poland)
  • Topór, Węgrów County in Masovian Voivodeship (east-central Poland)
Topor (headgear)

A topor is a type of conical headgear traditionally worn by grooms as part of the Bengali Hindu wedding ceremony. The topor is typically fragile, made of sholapith and white in colour.

The topor is traditionally given to the groom by the bride's family. The groom dons the topor before the main ceremony begins. It is believed to be bring good luck. Brides will typically wear related, but differently-shaped, headgear .

Topors are also worn by infant boys as part of the annaprashana ceremony, when they are dressed like grooms.

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Topor (surname)

The surname Topor may refer to:

  • Ted Topor, American playwright, screenwriter, and novelist
  • Tom Topor, American author
  • Roland Topor, French illustrator, painter, writer, filmmaker and actor
  • Nikolai Topor-Stanley, Australian football (soccer) player
  • Juraj Topor, a musician from Slovak rock band Tublatanka