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Topik or topig is an Armenian dish, sometimes thought of as a vegetarian meatball, consisting of a chickpea- based paste, usually mixed with potatoes or flour, surrounding a filling of onions, nuts, and currants, and flavored with herbs, spices, and tahini.

Topik is primarily a Lenten dish and is often served at Michink (the middle of Lent).

Topik (TV program)

Topik is a flagship television newscast broadcast on the Indonesian TV station antv. Its slogan is "Lebih Cepat, Lebih Dalam, Lebih Lengkap" ("Faster, Deeper, More Complete"). The newscast consist of Topik Pagi (morning news), Topik Siang (afternoon news), Topik Petang (evening news), Topik Malam (late-night news), and Topik Terkini (news update).