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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Topflight \Top"flight\, a. unexcelled; of the highest grade; of greatest skill; exhibiting excellence; a topflight performance.


a. best, A-one, superior.

Usage examples of "topflight".

Hayes soon saw what passes, at the dawn of the twenty-first century, for a topflight journalism education in this country.

Two decades earlier the twenty-tbree story, reinforced-concrete Zaco Building had been modem and fashionable, the kind of place where a topflight brokerage house or advertising agency might have rented several floors.

Rappenoecker, Murdoch, and Luce and threw myself into the eighty-hour workweek of a young attorney at the launch of a brilliant career with a topflight law firm.

With my new wealth I can train with the best coaches, in the topflight facilities.

Three boosters forming a charity whose only known function was to funnel funds to the topflight players.

He was a Jinxian, short and wide and bull-strong: a topflight computer-programmer with an intuitive knack for asking the right questions when everyone else has been asking the wrong ones and blowing expensive circuits in their iron idiots.

I'd classify most of James Blish's work under the present heading, though of course he writes topflight hard science whenever he wants to.