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n. (plural of tope English) vb. (en-third-person singular of: tope)

Usage examples of "topes".

There are several topes now in the Indian Institute at Oxford, brought from Buddha Gaya, but the largest of them is much smaller than "the smallest" of those of Khoten.

In a note on the first page of his work on the Bhilsa Topes (1854), General Cunningham says: "The Christians number about 270 millions.

Of all the topes and temples which (the travellers) saw in their journeyings, there was not one comparable to this in solemn beauty and majestic grandeur.

At all these places topes were subsequently erected, which are still existing in the city.

At the places where he walked and sat they also (subsequently) reared topes, each having its particular name.

At the place where he and his father met, and at that where he attained to pari-nirvana, topes were erected.

At the place where he and his father met, and where he attained to pari-nirvana, topes were erected.

Fa-hien does not say that there were memorial topes at all these places.

When king Asoka came forth into the world, he wished to destroy the eight topes (over the relics), and to build (instead of them) 84,000 topes.

The places of the four great topes have been fixed, and handed down without break, since Buddha attained to nirvana.

There, and where he walked (in meditation) and sat at the place which was his regular abode, there have been topes erected.

Because of their resemblance to the ancient art of topiary, the trees were called Topes, as a class, though there were at least twenty different species easily distinguishable by the layman.

A hundred blocks and pulleys swung on loose topes, cracking into masts or each other, setting up a clatter that was constant.