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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
▪ After taking off his topee and wiping his head, he felt the boy's pulse automatically.

n. A pith helmet.


n. a light-weight hat worn in tropical countries for protection from the sun [syn: pith hat, pith helmet, sun helmet, topi]

Usage examples of "topee".

And sure enough, when I had taken the spectacularly ugly piece and turned with it to the lighter portion of the shop, there stood a familiar figure, ill concealed by his topee and dark sun-glasses.

I wrenched off my topee, threw it across the room in petulance, and lay back, grateful at least that the floor was not tossing underfoot.

One photograph, placed centrally among the others, showed three men on horseback: at the left side a dark-haired Englishman, and on the right a smaller man with a bandaged arm, whose face was half hidden by the shadow of his topee but whose blond moustache said he was European as well.

I then picked up the hat sent for the purpose, a sort of fabric-wrapped topee, and presented myself to the waiting chuprassi.

I located the spear by tripping over it, picked my topee from a bush and clapped it onto my head, and walked somewhat drunkenly back to where the maharaja sat, still on horse-back, waiting as some of his men approached at a fast trot.

After a while, Sunny went down to dabble in the water, and I stretched out on the silken carpet with my legs in the sun and my topee over my face, half listening to the conversations around me.

I pulled the topee from my face and sat up, looking into the dark unreadable eyes of the maharaja.

He peered under the brim of my topee, his eyes telling him that he was looking at the young woman who had escaped his hospitality the week before, his brain insisting that this was someone else.

He was one of those Englishmen who, solar topee cocked, go out in the midday sun without raising a sweat.

I rather doubted that, and could only imagine the sort of solar topees on offer at a shop catering to lady tourists fresh from England.

English hats for rigid solar topees, casting off a few of its inhibitions along with the woollens.

Forgetful of all save his vassal's plain fealty to the ethnarch Humphrey or Harold stayed not to yoke or saddle but stumbled out hotface as he was (his sweatful bandanna loose from his pocketcoat) hasting to the forecourts of his public in topee, surcingle, solascarf and plaid, plus fours, puttees and bulldog boots ruddled cinnabar with flagrant marl, jingling his turnpike keys and bearing aloft amid the fixed pikes of the hunting party a high perch atop of which a flowerpot was fixed earthside hoist with care.

It displayed in great profusion picnic baskets, rucksacks, thermos flasks, sports equipment of all kinds, shorts, bush shirts, topees, tents, swimming suits, bicycle lamps and torches.

She sat in the back seat of the Ford with a scarf knotted under her chin, holding her solar topee on her head, and every few minutes Garry darted a loving glance at her like an amorous fox terrier paying court to a bulldog.

Peering down at us was a pair of faces, one surmounted by a solar topee, the other by a large hat and veil.