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Toos is a former municipality in the canton of Thurgau, Switzerland.

In 1964 it was merged into Schönholzerswilen in the district of Münchwilen.

Tous Iran is on the name of a commander Toos of the king Kai Kavus on whose name this city was inhabited in the time during the contemporary period 1200 BC of Trojan War.This is mentioned in the Epic of the Kings "Shahnama A Firdousi".

"The Iranian Shah is disgusted with Siavash's behaviour. He had hoped that Afrasiab would have been killed in battle. He writes a letter to Siavash at the height of his fury, and orders him to return home, while assigning Toos as the new commander of the Iranian forces. He also demands the transfer of the hostages for execution. The letter goes against everything Siavash had been taught to do by Rostam. Breaking a peace treaty, declaring war, and murdering hostages all sicken him. Siavash knows that he is incapable of these tyrannical acts requested by the Shah, and sees no option but to abandon his homeland and seek refuge in Turan"

Category:Former municipalities of Thurgau

Usage examples of "toos".

Haiden, invited with the Bedlams, was talking to General Toos about places the two of them had seen during their lengthy lifetimes.

There was the elegant Toos, the dark-skinned Zilda, sitting bolt upright and glaring at him, the heavy figure of Borg, the lean, muscular Cass, and the neat, precise Dask.

Before he could speak Toos said sharply, 'Why is Commander Uvanov under restraint?

The robot was already reaching for Toos, when the door slammed shut, trapping its arm.

The door slid fully closed and Toos ran to the door control, punching up the locking code.

Triggering the pack he slammed it against the robot's chest, dragging Poul and Toos clear.

The Doctor caught Toos before she could fall, and passed her to Uvanov.

Yet, though there had been attempts, Toos had survived most without a scratch.

Unlike Toos, he had eventually taken a wife, something his former countrymen would have looked at in almost as much shock as the merchant had upon finding the tall, sandy-haired man with the clean-looking face in his bed with a supposedly ill bride.

He did not think Toos would take kindly to a Dragon King standing in the royal chambers themselves, a Dragon King about to depart for the precious libraries.

The lionbird's grip on his shoulders tightened before Toos could get out of control.

As the lord of Penacles placed his finger tin the symbol of the libraries, he turned to Toos and added, "Contact Cabe and the Lady Gwen.

The Gryphon had come to trust him as a brother and Toos felt that he was now betraying that trust.

The Gryphon excused himself from Toos and the physician and joined the drake, who was apparently well enough to chase those assisting him away.

Besides, as Toos had said, he would be able to relax only if he knew that D'Shay was truly gone.