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Crossword clues for toons


n. (plural of toon English)


Usage examples of "toons".

Salamander Army was divided into the standard four toons of ten soldiers each.

Some commanders set up their toons so that A toon consisted of the best soldiers, and D toon had the worst.

He saw that the toons were oriented to follow instructions, then added, "And you, pinprick, wait four minutes, then come just inside the door.

So much so that instead of the usual four toons, he had created five, each with a toon leader and a second.

Ender broke his toons up into half-toons to scour the corners for any enemy soldiers who were whole or merely damaged.

Ender used it to thaw his own army's flash suits, of course, and he assembled them in toons before thawing the enemy.

Ender set them up then in three or four toons that consisted of three or four squadrons each.

He began to imagine who among them should be officers, leading their own toons under the command of .

Not only that, instead of the normal organization -- four toons of ten soldiers each -- he had created five toons of eight, and then made them practice a lot in half-toons of four men each, one commanded by the toon leader, the other by the second.

Or he'd group three toons together under the operational command of one of the toon leaders to handle one operation, while Wiggin himself commanded the smaller remaining force.

Using his hook, Wiggin drew them all together and formed his soldiers into their five toons before he began unfreezing Rabbit Army.

Soon enough, Dragon Army would be facing armies that were divided into five toons, not four, and that moved in a free-ranging style with a lot more discretion given to the toon leaders.

That problem wouldn't show up as much in any of the other toons, because there'd only be one kid from each toon in Bean's squad.

Each of toons A through C lined up four and three, arms interlocked with the men beside them, the upper row of three with toes hooked under the arms of the four soldiers below.

I need to see how you work with your toon leaders, how the toons work with each other, how you respond to orders, what commands you use.