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Toole -- U.S. County in Montana
Population (2000): 5267
Housing Units (2000): 2300
Land area (2000): 1910.952104 sq. miles (4949.343018 sq. km)
Water area (2000): 34.912878 sq. miles (90.423935 sq. km)
Total area (2000): 1945.864982 sq. miles (5039.766953 sq. km)
Located within: Montana (MT), FIPS 30
Location: 48.602469 N, 111.818576 W
Toole, MT
Toole County
Toole County, MT

Toole is a surname that may refer to:

  • F.X. Toole (1930–2002), American boxing trainer and author
  • John Kennedy Toole (1937–1969), American novelist
  • John Lawrence Toole (1830–1906), English comic actor and theatrical producer
  • Joseph Toole (1851–1929), American politician from Montana; governor of Montana 1889–93
  • K. Ross Toole (1920–1981), American historian and author
  • Melinda Toole (contemporary), American beauty queen; Miss Alabama 2006
  • Ottis Toole (1947–1996), American serial killer
  • Steve Toole (1859–1919), American professional baseball player
  • Thelma Toole (1901–1984), mother of John Kennedy Toole

Usage examples of "toole".

Toole, a big, sleepy-looking guy about seven feet tall and as wide as a front-end loader.

Argall having secretly well rewarded him, with a small Copper kittle, and some other les valuable toies so highly by him esteemed, that doubtlesse he would have betraied his own father for them, permitted both him and his wife to returne, but told him that for divers considerations, as for that his father had then eigh [8] of our Englishe men, many swords, peeces, and other tooles, which he hid at severall times by trecherous murdering our men, taken from them which though of no use to him, he would not redeliver, he would reserve Pocahuntas .

Toole, Turle, whatever his name is—get him over there and have him account for himself in person.