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vb. (obsolete spelling of took English)


Tooke is a surname, and may refer to

  • Andrew Tooke (1673–1732), English scholar, headmaster, and translator of Tooke's Pantheon
  • Charles Emery Tooke, Jr. (1912–1986), U.S. attorney and politician from Louisiana
  • John Horne Tooke (1736–1812), English clergyman, politician, and philologist
  • John Tooke (born 1949), English professor of medicine and medical reform advocate
  • Thomas Tooke (1774–1858), English economist and economic statistician, son of William Tooke (1744–1820), brother of William Tooke (1777–1863)
  • William Tooke (1744–1820), British clergyman and historian of Russia, father of William Tooke (1777–1863) and Thomas Tooke
  • William Tooke (1777–1863), British lawyer, son of William Tooke (1744–1820), brother of Thomas Tooke
  • William Tooke (MP) for Horsham (UK Parliament constituency)

Usage examples of "tooke".

River of Pamunke, who having been kindly entertained by Powhatan their Emperour, they returned thence, and discovered the River of Topahanocke, where being received with like kindnesse, yet he slue the King, and tooke of his people, and they supposed I were bee, but the people reported him a great man that was Captaine, and using mee kindly, the next day we departed.

Moreover she caused, that the wife of a certain lover that she had should never be delivered of her childe, but according to the computation of all men, it is eight yeares past since the poore woman first began to swell, and now shee is encreased so big, that shee seemeth as though she would bring forth some great Elephant : which when it was knowne abroad, and published throughout all the towne, they tooke indignation against her, and ordayned that the next day shee should most cruelly be stoned to death.

Canowe, whilst himselfe by fowling sought them victuall, who finding he was beset with 200 Salvages, two of them hee slew, still defending himself with the ayd of a Salvage his guide, whom he bound to his arme with his garters, and used him as a buckler, yet he was shot in his thigh a little, and had many arrowes stucke in his cloathes but no great hurt, till at last they tooke him prisoner.

After that we had passed a great part of our journey, we came to a village where we lay all night, but harken, and I will tell you what mischiefe happened there : you shall understand there was a servant to whom his Master had committed the whole government of his house, and was Master of the lodging where we lay : this servant had married a Maiden of the same house, howbeit he was greatly in love with a harlot of the towne, and accustomed to resort unto her, wherewith his wife was so highly displeased and became so jealous, that she gathered together all her husbands substance, with his tales and books of account, and threw them into a light fire : she was not contented with this, but she tooke a cord and bound her child which she had by her husband, about her middle and cast her selfe headlong into a deepe pit.

In this manner tire tower spake unto Psyches, and advertised her what she should do : and immediately she tooke two halfe pence, two sops, and all things necessary, and went to the mountaine Tenarus to go towards hell.

O wretched Caitife, behold thou wert well-nigh perished againe, with the overmuch curiositie : well, goe thou, and do thy message to my Mother, and in the meane season, I will provide for all things accordingly : wherewithall he tooke his flight into the aire, and Psyches brought her present to Venus.

And then he tooke a pot of immortality, and said, Hold Psyches, and drinke, to the end thou maist be immortall, and that Cupid may be thine everlasting husband.

Circumstances and secret Discoveries which he should be able to make to ye Duke of such passages in ye course of his life which were known to none but himselfe, would make it appeare that ye message was not ye fancy of a Distempered Brayne, but a reality, and so ye Apparition tooke his leave of him for that night and telling him that he would give him leave to consider till the next night, and then he would come to receave his answer wheather he would undertake to deliver his message or no.

But I finely feigning and colouring the matter for the time, did breake off his talk, and tooke him by the hand and sayd, Why tarry we?

Then she tooke a great quantity of wheat, of barly, poppy seede, peason, lintles, and beanes, and mingled them altogether on a heape saying : Thou evil favoured girle, thou seemest unable to get the grace of thy lover, by no other meanes, but only by diligent and painefull service, wherefore I will prove what thou canst doe : see that thou separate all these graines one from another, disposing them orderly in their quantity, and let it be done before night.

When their father and mother beheld them weep and lament still, they doubled their sorrowes and griefes, but full of yre and forced with Envy, they tooke their voyage homeward, devising the slaughter and destruction of their sister.

Captaine from yonder Castle, and therewithall he tooke me by the halter and would violently have taken me away : but my master wiping away the blood of the blow which he received of the souldier, desired him gently and civilly to take some pitty upon him, and to let him depart with his owne, swearing and affirming that his slow Asse, welnigh dead with sicknesse, could scarce carry a few handfuls of hearbs to the next towne, much lesse he was able to beare any greater trusses : but when he saw the souldier would in no wise be intreated, but ready with his staffe to cleave my masters head, my master fell down at his feete, under colour to move him to some pitty, but when he saw his time, he tooke the souldier by the legs and cast him upon the ground: Then he buffetted him, thumped him, bit him, and tooke a stone and beat his face and his sides, that he could not turne and defend himselfe, but onely threaten that if ever he rose, he would choppe him in pieces.

The Gardener when he heard him say so, drew out his javelin which hee had by his side, and when he had throwne it away, he knockt and beate him more cruelly then he did before, insomuch that the souldier could not tell by what meanes to save himselfe, but by feining that he was dead, Then my master tooke the javelin and mounted upon my backe, riding in all hast to the next village, having no regard to goe to his Garden, and when he came thither, he turned into one of his friends house and declared all the whole matter, desiring him to save his life and to hide himselfe and his Asse in some secret place, untill such time as all danger were past.

Wherewithall he came angerly towards me, and tooke away the haire which I had gathered, out of my apron : which grieved me very much, for I knew my Mistresses manners, that she would not be contented but beat me cruelly.

Earely the morrow next, before that dayHis ioyous face did to the world reueale,They both vprose and tooke their readie wayVnto the Church, their prayers to appeale,With great deuotion, and with litle zeale:For the faire Damzell from the holy herseHer loue-sicke hart to other thoughts did steale.