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too little

adj. not enough

Usage examples of "too little".

In considering ourselves, we think too much of ethics and sociology - too little of plain natural history.

He gave them all the food he had brought from the survival pods, but he knew that it was pitifully too little.

Those who were too busy, or bought too little to gain it, took their chances and were generally unfortunate, getting the least and worst for the most money.

Now Monna Sismonda, seeing that her husband was much abroad, and gave her little of his company, became enamoured of a young gallant, Ruberto by name, who had long courted her: and she being grown pretty familiar with him, and using, perchance, too little discretion, for she affected him extremely, it so befell that Arriguccio, whether it was that he detected somewhat, or howsoever, waxed of all men the most jealous, and gave up going abroad, and changed his way of life altogether, and made it his sole care to watch over his wife, insomuch that he never allowed himself a wink of sleep until he had seen her to bed: which occasioned the lady the most grievous dumps, because 'twas on no wise possible for her to be with her Ruberto.

There was too little science in the job of presidential science advisor.

The maester gives him dreamwine and milk of the poppy for his pain, so he sleeps most of the time, and eats too little.

So far, however, nothing had been done, partly because the memorial committee had never been able to agree, partly for the more cogent reason that too little money had been subscribed to carry out any of the proposed schemes.

But too little kryptonite may allow the child to damage her, while too much may damage or kill the child.