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Etymology 1 n. (context slang mostly US English) An illegal immigrant of any country. Etymology 2

n. (context slang English) An item of value, or of perceived value, especially for sale. Etymology 3

alt. A matching card game, combining features of knock rummy and conquian. n. A matching card game, combining features of knock rummy and conquian.


Tonk as a place may refer to:

  • Tonk, India
  • Tonk district of the state of Rajasthan in western India
  • Tonk, Pakistan
  • Tonk (princely state)

Tonk as a person may refer to:

  • Yash Tonk, Indian actor

Tonk may also refer to:

  • Tonk (card game)
  • Tonk, an expression within logic – see logical harmony
  • Tonk, (abbr) short for Tonkinese, a breed of cat – see Tonkinese_(cat)
  • Honky-tonk, a type of bar with musical entertainment
  • Slang term for an illegal immigrant; see 1.
Tonk (card game)

Tonk, or tunk is a matching card game, which combines features of knock rummy and conquian. Tonk is a relatively fast game that can be played during brief periods of time by varying numbers of players. In some places it is a popular pastime for workers on their lunch break.

Tonk (Lok Sabha constituency)

Tonk Lok Sabha constituency was a Lok Sabha (parliamentary) constituency in Rajasthan state in India. It was abolished following the delimitation of parliamentary constituencies in 2008.

Usage examples of "tonk".

In place of Tonk the mobster, a weird figure had joined Driller Borson in the secluded room.

You should be in a ballroom with crystal chandeliers, drinking wine, and dancing to orchestra music, not in a gaudy honky tonk, drinking beer and listening to obscene shouts and the raucous music of a loud five-piece band.

Tonker had that look she got before she exploded, and even Shufti was fidgeting.

Shufti asked Polly and Tonker to go with her, and they were ushered into a room where a couple of guards stood on either side of a sheepish young man called Johnny who had fair hair and blue eyes and a gold earring and his trousers round his knees in case Shufti wanted to check his other distinguishing feature.

He hustled them into a back alley the moment he heard the tonk tunk of that drum and warned them to stay put while he nosed out what was happening.

Chulji screamed a warning, the Aggitj and the Boy raced about threatening first one then another, but when one of the skirmishes spilled into a Skak, the tunk tonk of a guard drum sent both sides scurrying into the alleys and the attack was abandoned for the day.

Gilbert Whippet bent over Tonker, who was sitting happily in the darkness.

Jackrum was teaching basic swordcraft to Lofty and Tonker, using hazel sticks as swords.

Strappi - he treated Igorina and Wazzer with something approaching fatherly concern - but with Polly and Maladict and Tonker he pushed all the time, wanting you to push back.

If you can take him down I can garrotte the other one with my apron string, whispered Tonker in her ear, between howls.

Tonks, who at once took out his black note-book, licked his thumb and flicked over the pages till he came to an empty one.

The crowd had made that same sound when the Stones’ drummer, Charlie Watts, began to tap his cow-bell in a syncopated rhythm that could only mean “Honky Tonk Woman.

The 8 electric guitars struck a discord, and Jagger hurled himself into 'Honky Tonk Women' with every fibre of his being.

They turned into Forty-second Street, with its dimly lit honky tonks, burlesque shows, dark theater marquees and penny arcades.

You,' he pointed to Tonker, `have got a bit of shaving soap under one ear.