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Tonis (Canada)

Tonis was a Canadian category 2 Ukrainian language digital cable specialty channel owned by Ethnic Channels Group (ECG) with its name licensed from the owners of the Ukrainian television channel, Tonis.

The channel broadcast a variety of programming primarily from Tonis including news, sports, cultural programs, and talk shows.


Tõnis is an Estonian male given name, variant of Antonius. Another variant of Tõnis in Estonian is Tõnu.

Persons bearing the name include:

  • Tõnis Erm (born 1982), mountain bike orienteer
  • Tõnis Kalde (born 1976), football player
  • Tõnis Kasemets (born 1974), race car driver
  • Tõnis Kimmel (born 1977), architect
  • Tõnis Kint (1896–1991), politician
  • Tõnis Lukas (born 1962), politician
  • Tõnis Mägi (born 1948), musician
  • Tõnis Palts (born 1953), businessman and politician
  • Tõnis Sahk (born 1983), long jumper
  • Tõnis Vint (born 1942), Estonian artist
Tonis (TV channel)

Tonis is private Ukrainian TV channel, established in 1989. CEO — Oleksandr Butko.