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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Tong \Tong\, Tonge \Tonge\, n. Tongue. [Obs.]


Tonge may refer to:

Tonge (surname)

Tonge is a surname. Notable people with the surname include:

  • Dale Tonge, English footballer
  • Gavin Tonge, West-Indian cricketer
  • Israel Tonge, English divine
  • Jenny Tonge, British politician
  • Michael Tonge, English footballer
  • Roger Tonge, British actor

Usage examples of "tonge".

Right as a swerd forkutteth and forkerveth An arme atwo, my deere sone, right so A tonge kutteth freendshipe al atwo.

My sone, God of his endelees goodnesse Walled a tonge with teeth and lippes eke, For man sholde hym avyse what he speeke.

Lady, thy bountee, thy magnificence, Thy vertu, and thy grete humylitee, Ther may no tonge expresse in no science, For somtyme, lady, er men praye to thee, Thou goost biforn of thy benyngnytee And getest us the lyght, thurgh thy preyere, To gyden us unto thy sone so deere.

Stibourne I was as is a leonesse, And of my tonge a verray jangleresse, And walke I wolde, as I had doon biforn, From hous to hous, although he had it sworn, For which he often-tymes wolde preche, And me of olde Romayn geestes teche, How he Symplicius Gallus lefte his wyf, And hir forsook for terme of al his lyf, Noght but for open-heveded he hir say, Lookynge out at his dore, upon a day.

The sely tonge may wel rynge and chymbe Of wrecchednesse that passed is ful yoore.

And thus withinne a while his name is spronge Bothe of hise dedes and his goode tonge, That Theseus hath taken hym so neer That of his chambre he made hym a Squier, And gaf hym gold to mayntene his degree.

He yaf me al the bridel in myn hond, To han the governance of hous and lond, And of his tonge, and of his hond also, And made hym brenne his book anon right tho.