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a. (alternative spelling of tony English)


Toney is a surname, and may refer to:

  • Andrew Toney (b. 1957), American professional basketball player
  • Anthony Toney (b. 1962), American professional football player
  • Cliff Toney (b. 1958), American football player
  • Fred Toney (1888–1953), American professional baseball player
  • James Toney (b. 1968), American professional heavyweight boxer
  • Kevin Toney (contemporary), American pianist and composer
  • Oscar Toney, Jr. (b. 1939), American soul singer
  • Renné Toney (contemporary), Brazilian bodybuilder
  • Sedric Toney (b. 1962), American professional basketball player

It may also refer to places:

  • Toney, West Virginia
  • Toney, County Fermanagh, a townland in County Fermanagh, Northern Ireland

Usage examples of "toney".

You begin right off by treating her as if she was some toney dame back home.

They have been a sort of voice in the gallery, preventing people from becoming too toney and too civilized.

The discreet, toney, very expensive sex-for-hire service had his requirements down pat.

The mall was dark now, the windows of the toney stores no longer glittering.

No one complained about this marketing deception, as it was understood by buyers and sellers alike that Gables-by-the-sea sounded much more toney than Gables-on-the-Canal.

Here we are in a Dutch city, where everybody speaks English, and they go into their toney restaurants and order their food in French!

Grandma Lucy and Grandpa Toney Murrah was owned by Marse Billy Murrah.

He had the EMTs load her up and take her to a toney private hospital, the Judson Clinic, in Beverly Hills.

Harry finds the fog merciful, since before it rolled in the Eagles looked poor, two perfectly thrown TD passes by Cunningham called back because of bonehead penalty plays by Anthony Toney, and then this rookie Jackson dropping a pass when he was a mile open in the end zone.

And Sally had said she was going to the show with Dave Toney, damn her.