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n. A round picture or other work of art


Tondo may refer to:

  • Tondo (art) a circular painting or sculpture, and examples:
    • Washington or Cook Tondo, painting by Fra Angelico and Filippo Lippi
    • Taddei Tondo by Michelangelo
    • Doni Tondo by Michelangelo
    • Pitti Tondo by Michelangelo
    • Severan Tondo, Roman painting of c. 200 AD
    • Desco da parto, a type of painted circular birthing tray in Renaissance Italy
    • Madonna of the Pomegranate by Botticelli
    • Madonna Adoring the Child with Five Angels by Botticelli
    • Virgin and Child with the Infant St. John the Baptist by Botticelli
Tondo (art)

A tondo (plural "tondi" or "tondos") is a Renaissance term for a circular work of art, either a painting or a sculpture. The word derives from the Italianrotondo, "round." The term is usually not used in English for small round paintings, but only those over about 60 cm (two feet) in diameter, thus excluding many round portrait miniatures – for sculpture the threshold is rather lower.

Tondo (historical state)

Tondo ( Filipino: Lupain ng Tondo) also referred to as Tundo, Tundun, Tundok, Lusung) was a fortified polity which was located in the Manila Bay area, specifically north of the Pasig River, on Luzon island. It is one of the settlements mentioned by the Philippines' earliest historical record, the Laguna Copperplate Inscription.

Originally an Indianized kingdom in the 10th century, Tondo built upon and capitalized on being central to the long-existing ancient regional trading routes throughout the archipelago to include among others, initiating diplomatic and commercial ties with China during the Ming Dynasty. Thus it became an established force in trade throughout Southeast Asia and East Asia. (See Luções). Tondo's regional prominence further culminated during the period of its associated trade and alliance with Brunei's Sultan Bolkiah, when around 1500 its peak age as a thalassocratic force in the northern archipelago was realized. When the Spanish first arrived in Tondo in 1570 and defeated the local rulers in the Manila Bay area in 1591, Tondo came under the administration of Manila (a Spanish fort built on the remains of Kota Seludong), ending its existence as an independent polity. This subjugated Tondo continues to exist today as a district of the city of Manila.

Usage examples of "tondo".

Bardo had brought back with him riches and many, many things, the pelf of a hundred worlds: gosharps and sihu oil, furniture, bonsai plants, sacred jewellery from Vesper, blacking oil, tondos, paintings and Darghinni sculpture, many kinds of sense boxes including dreammakers and other exotic toys, and Yarkona diamonds, and Darkmoon rubies, emeralds, opals, firestones, and pearls from the ocean floors of New Earth, Fravashi carpets, of course, and drugs such as jook, jambool, toalache, beer and skotch.