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n. (alternative form of tonal nodot=1 English) (qualifier: animal companion).


Tona may refer to:

  • Tona, Bangladesh, village in India
  • Tona, Spain, municipality in the province of Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain
  • Tona, Santander, municipality in Santander, Colombia
  • Tona (beer), Nicaragua, Beer
  • Tona (band), Serbian band
  • Tona (Canadian band), a Canadian rap group from Mississauga, Ontario
  • Tona (Canadian rapper), a rapper from Toronto

Tona can also refer to:

  • The Japanese poet Ton'a
  • The proposed US constitutional amendment known as the Titles of Nobility amendment
  • Tona,kingsouth africa founder of (male leader).
Toña (beer)

Toña is a golden lager originating in Nicaragua and brewed by Compañía Cervecera de Nicaragua from malt and hops. It has an alcohol content of 4.6% by volume, and is one of the most popular beers in the country. Toña was originally hand crafted by semi pro surfer Jonnie Johnston during a long dry spell."'

Usage examples of "tona".

Ethiopians will be attempting to withdraw along the road to Dessie and to link up with Baile Selassie at Lake Tona but the Sardi Gorge is like a dagger in their ribs.

But he could tell they were all thinking it, even Tona, who had gotten control of her weeping and sat, silent and red-eyed, listening.

La Tona hooked to a cross post on the surface of the water fifty yards from the ship.

She had known others with the same urbane good looks and meticulous grooming, the light bantering tone and the steely glint in the eye.

Jake tried to make his tone indignant, as he sidled towards the invitingly open rear doors of the car.

The words were banal but the tone hissed like the sound of a scimitar swung at the cut.

The two iron ladies swept forward together, and it seemed to Jake that there was a new tone to the deep engine note as though they sensed that once again they were fulfilling the true reason for their existence.

Major Castelani gravely, trying by the tone of his voice to quiet their nerves.

His voice lost its jagged, emery-paper tone and became soothing and crooning like a mother at the cradle.

The cry of agony came again but this time weaker, the aching ringing tone reduced to a sobbing echo on the dark night.

Jake said softly, but Vicky had never heard that tone in his voice before.

The words were polite enough, but the slight sting in his tone made her suddenly conscious of her grubbiness, which contrasted badly with his royal bearing.

I gather from the tone of your voice that you have an idea who he may be.

Elizabeth did not like Jefferson Cartwright and the tone of her voice was ominous.