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Tomoi is Malay word for tomoi which also known as "MUAY THAI" . Tomoi is an unarmed offensive martial art from Thailand also practiced mainly in Malaysia the northern states of Kedah, Perlis, Trengganu, Selangor and especially Kelantan due to the Siamese influence over the area.

Practitioners are called petomoi or anak muay, the latter meaning "child of boxing".

The word tomoi is originated from the Thai ต่อยมวย "Toimoi" or dhoi muay; "Toi"( ต่อย) meaning Punch and "Moi" or "Mauy" (มวย) meaning binding into rounded form in Thai. In Malaysia, however, tomoi has always referred the form of kickboxing sport of Siamese Kedah and those of the northern states while the general term for pugilism is tinju.