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Tomo may refer to:

Usage examples of "tomo".

None of her brother and sister warriors appeared to notice the stench however, and Mseluku had even complimented Tomo on the beauty of the lake and its wooded shore, so Jeneba said nothing.

If Tomo Silla, a hero of Kiba who had faced countless Qeorou and Burdamu in single combat, was afraid, there must be good reason.

Slipping from shadow to shadow, she and Tomo worked their way to the edge of the village, where they climbed a tree for a better vantage point and sat in a fork with backs pressed against rising branches.

She and Tomo would have to walk into the very middle of the village to reach the them.

Glancing backward toward Tomo one last time, she took a breath, prayed that wachiru slept deeply, and sprinted out through the circle of racks.

Win at wrestling, when Tomo, stronger and more experienced than she, had lost.

Kiba and Tomo Silla had been dealt with, she would tell her mother everything.

Andrew Lanning was told and retold, that he had lain in perfect security within a six-hour ride from Tomo, while Hal Dozier himself combed the mountains and hundreds more were out hunting fame and fortune.

For when men passed the cabin, as they often did, they were riding hard to get away from Tomo and into the higher mountains, where the outlaw might be, or else they were coming back to rest up, and their destination in such a case was always Tomo.

They told how Tomo was wrought to a pitch of frenzied interest by this manhunt.

After that escape from Tomo he was not apt to be perturbed by his present situation, but the suspense seemed to weigh more and more heavily upon the trapper.

When Hank Rainer sent word to Tomo that the outlaw was in his cabin, and, if the posse would gather, he, Hank, would come out of his cabin that night and let the posse rush the sleeping man who remained, Hal Dozier was willing and eager to take advantage of the opportunity.

Beyond a doubt Andrew had been recognized, and now the two were speeding to Tomo to give their report and raise the alarm a second time.

Yaz spotted it on the side of the embankment where the yaks had been parked, waiting patiently for Tomo to reappear.

Shoppers caught in their path threw themselves down as Tomo roared down over them.