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Tommi (band)

Tommi were a British girl group formed in 2003. They only released one single, " Like What" which reached number 12 in the UK Singles Chart and number 38 in Ireland.


Tommi is a masculine given name. Notable people with the name include:

  • Tommi Eronen (born 1968), Finnish actor
  • Tommi Evilä (born 1980), Finnish long jumper
  • Tommi Hakala (born 1970, Finnish baritone, winner of the 2003 BBC Singer of the World Competition
  • Tommi Hartonen (born 1977), Finnish sprinter
  • Tommi Hovi (born 1980), former professional Magic: The Gathering player from Finland
  • Tommi Kautonen (born 1971), Finnish football manager and former player (midfielder)
  • Tommi Korpela (born 1968), Finnish actor
  • Tommi Liimatta (born 1976), singer, songwriter and lyricist for the rock group Absoluuttinen Nollapiste
  • Tommi Läntinen (born 1959), Finnish singer-songwriter
  • Tommi Mäkinen (born 1964), retired Finnish rally driver
  • Tommi Miettinen (born 1975), retired Finnish professional ice hockey player
  • Tommi Salmelainen (born 1949), Finnish hockey left winger
  • Tommi Santala (born 1979), Finnish ice hockey player
  • Tommi Sartanen, Finnish guitarist, who plays in the power metal band Twilightning
  • Tommi Satosaari (born 1975), Finnish professional ice hockey goaltender
  • Tommi Stumpff (born 1958), former German musician
  • Tommi Taurula, Finnish actor
  • Tommi Tomich (born 1980), Australian football (soccer) player
  • Tommi Vaiho (born 1988), goalkeeper
  • Tommi Viik (born 1987), Finnish professional football player
  • Tommi Virtanen (born 1989), Finnish ice hockey goaltender