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Tomil or Tamil is a municipality on the island of Yap, in the Federated States of Micronesia. It consists of twelve distinctive villages: Meerur, Teb, Aff, Bugol, Doomchuy, Deechmur, Dilag (uninhabited), Maa', Thol, Madl'ay, Gargey, and Daaboch. Tomil occupies the southern portion of Gagil-Tamil Island, except for Gargey village, which is located on the main island of Yap.

Tomil is located on the northeastern part of the Yap Islands and positioned between the municipalities of Fanif, Maap and Gagil. Tomil is known for having its own explicit volcanic or none volcanic soil studied once by scientists. It is the third largest municipality on Yap. Tomil is also known for having its own distinctive Yapese language mainly emphasizing the vowel 'e' pronunciation.

The annual celebration of the Yap Day, usually held March 1, 2, and 3rd of every year, were celebrated in Tomil for consecutive years in Tumor. Several Yap proper leaders, such as former Governor Vincent Figir, Chief Justice Cyprian Manmaw, former Governor Robert Ruecho and Senator and former speaker of the house, Charles Chieng, have also originated from Tomil.