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Tomić is a common family name found in Croatia, Serbia, Montenegro and Bosnia and Herzegovina. It is sometimes transliterated as Tomic or Tomich outside these areas. It is based on the Biblical Greek Θωμᾶς, which is itself a transcription of the Aramaic te'oma תאומא "twin", the Hebrew cognate being tə'ōm תאום. In South Slavic countries this last name is derived from first names Tomislav and Toma. Notable people with the surname include:

  • Ante Tomić (writer) (born 1970), Croatian writer
  • Ante Tomić (basketball) (born 1987), Croatian basketball player
  • Ante Tomić (footballer born 1983), Croatian football player
  • Bernard Tomic (born 1992), German-born Australian tennis player of Bosnian and Croatian origin
  • Đorđe Tomić (born 1972), former Serbian football player
  • Dragan Tomić (born 1936), Serbian politician
  • Gordana Tomić (born 1990), Serbian model
  • Ivan Tomić (born 1976), former Serbian football player
  • Jaša Tomić (1856–1922), Serbian politician and publisher
  • Josephine Tomic (born 1989), Australian cyclist
  • Josip Eugen Tomić (1843–1906), Croatian writer
  • Mijat Tomić (died 1656), a Croatian hajduk
  • Milan Tomić (born 1973), former Serbian-Greek basketball player
  • Nemanja Tomić (born 1988), Serbian football player
  • Novak Tomić (1936–2003), Serbian football player
  • Radomiro Tomic (1914–1992), Chilean politician of Croatian origin
  • Sandro Tomić (born 1972), Croatian football player
  • Sara Tomic (born 1998), Australian tennis player of Bosnian and Croatian origin, sister of Bernard Tomic
  • Vjekoslav Tomić (born 1983), Croatian football player
  • Vukašin Tomić (born 1987), Serbian football player