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n. (plural of tomb English) vb. (en-third-person singular of: tomb)

Tombs (disambiguation)

Tombs may refer to:

  • Tombs (surname)
  • Tombs (band), an American sludge metal band
  • The Tombs, a prison in New York City
  • The tombs, the maze of hallways under the prison in The Walking Dead television show, featured in the episode " Welcome to the Tombs"
Tombs (band)

Tombs is an experimental metal band from Brooklyn, New York, formed in 2007. Thus far, the group has released three full-length records, Winter Hours, Path of Totality and Savage Gold.

Tombs (surname)

Tombs is a surname. Notable people with the surname include:

  • Francis Tombs, Baron Tombs (born 1924), English industrialist and politician
  • Joseph Harcourt Tombs (1884–1966), English World War I Victoria Cross recipient
  • Tina Tombs (born 1962), Canadian golfer

Usage examples of "tombs".

Although eight was not a particularly overwhelming number, all eight openings were covered with huge sheets of clear polyurethane due to the construction, the translucent curtains apparently intended to keep dust off the tombs inside the alcoves.

When churches honored their most distinguished members with ornate tombs inside the sanctuary, surviving family members often demanded the family be buried together .

Now he rested in the most sacred of tombs, buried five stories down, directly beneath the central cupola of the basilica.

The prostrate bodies seemed to emerge from within the tombs, pressing upward against the marble lids as if trying to escape their mortal restraints.

Around the perimeter, interspersed with the tombs, a series of semicircular niches were hewn in the wall.

However, if the church did not have space or funds to create tombs for an entire family, they sometimes dug an ossuary annex-a hole in the floor near the tomb where they buried the less worthy family members.

Lady Master, work that involves my finding and visiting old ruins and the tombs of wizards.

The talk was of spells and fell monsters vanquished and wizards who would not die rising from their tombs, and folk were crowding around to listen.

Caretakers performed regular maintenance and upkeep to keep the tombs in top condition.

Hunters were freed from tombs situated in the Place of the Rent, called Morn.

The chapel must have been built long after the tombs, and it was not one used by the royal family.

Captain Tombs, and I am happy to be able to tell you that we are prepared to buy them immediately, if we can come to an agreement.

Egypt that sometimes reveal undiscovered tombs to local grave robbers.

Fully forty Egyptian monarchs were buried there, and some of the tombs are enormous.