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Tombo can refer to:

  • Tombo (Registry) a Portuguese registry for land and royal revenue.
  • Tombo language, one of the Dogon languages.
  • A character of that name in Kiki's Delivery Service
  • The Japanese word for dragonfly, とんぼ.
  • Tombo Ahi a Japanese name for albacore tuna (Thunnus alalunga) which references the fish's dragonfly-like, long pectoral fins.
  • Tombo, Sierra Leone
Tombo (Registry)

The Tombo was a land registry compiled by the Portuguese to provide a detailed statement of property ownership and tax obligations in Portuguese Ceylon. First compiled in 1615, they are still sometimes used to settle land disputes.

Tombo (album)

Tombo is an album by the Japanese noise musician Merzbow. is the Japanese word for dragonfly.

Usage examples of "tombo".

Ole Tombo Jefferson, Woody Wilson, Edgar the Opiate Poe, and me-the once and future journalist king.

By the time Bailey came into contact with Tombo, his pattern of sexual aggression was already well established.

Covent Garden Opera, or on a barrel organ, I always think of Tombo, with his woolly hair, his beady eyes, and glistening teeth.

Never shall I forget Tombo, as he stood in an attitude by the camp fire, with one hand on his hip and his head bent sideways, every muscle of his face quivering with suppressed amusement, while he gave a ludicrous representation of Dr.

Years afterwards, in Brisbane, upon the occasion of a great political ceremony--the laying of a foundation-stone or something of the sort, at which I, as the daughter of one of the public functionaries, occupied a prominent position--I felt considerably embarrassed when Tombo, scantily clad, reeking of tobacco, with a dirty clay pipe thrust in his woolly locks, advancing from the crowd, seized my hand, and greeted me with effusion.

My father sat plaiting a thong for his stock-whip, and presently I saw Tombo creep up from his own camp which had been pitched some yards distant from ours.

Hebe was delivered temporarily into the keeping of Tombo, a large handkerchief tied round her head, and she was put naked into one of the saddle-bags.

Ringo informed me that there was to be a corroboree that evening across the river, and that if I were willing, he and Tombo would take me to a spot from which I might look on unseen.

Towards dusk I sneaked surreptitiously out of the hut, and Tombo and Ringo conveyed me across the river to a little stony pinnacle, from which we had a good view of the lightly-timbered flat where the Blacks were congregated.

Our boys, Bean-Tree Dick and Tombo, were brought to the council of war.

The miniatures of the Torre do Tombo of the thirteenth and fourteenth centuries are mostly of the French school.