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Tolly may refer to:

First name:

  • Tolly Burkan
  • Tolly Carr


  • Michael Andreas Barclay de Tolly
  • Emma Tolly


  • Tolly Lights, film
  • Tolly Cobbold, former brewing company

Usage examples of "tolly".

The torrent of questions continued until Portmaster Tolly Mune came swimming effortlessly through the pack, pushing peeps aside with either hand, and settled down next to Tuf.

Haviland Tuf deigned to walk back to the cabin he had assigned to Tolly Mune.

The end of it was, Tolly Mune acquitted, restored to office in triumph.

Tuf drove past the clutter of dead and abandoned ships, some more alien than any Tolly Mune had ever seen.

The more she saw and learned, the more awed and uneasy Tolly Mune became.

In fact, the whole ship seemed chilly and somehow frightening to Tolly Mune.

She did not seem to recognize the Portmaster at first, but after a few days the old familiarity returned, and Havoc took up the acquaintance where it had dropped, and sometimes even accompanied Tolly on her wanderings.

They liked to play together, a boisterous cat pack, and seemed to find Tolly Mune endlessly fascinating, climbing all over her whenever she paid Tuf a visit.

On the platform with Tuf were Portmaster Tolly Mune and First Councillor Cregor Blaxon.

The horde of newspeeps, like one clamorous hundred-headed beast, turned and fixed their third eyes upon Tolly Mune.

Even Tolly Mune craned her head around, and First Councillor Cregor Blaxon, smile still firmly in place, rose from his seat and faced the screen boldly, his thumbs hooked into his pockets.

To them, and to the flies who came calling often enough to be regulars, Tolly Mune was Ma Spiderirascible, foul-mouthed, rough-humored, frighteningly competent, omnipresent, indestructible, as big as a force of nature and twice as mean.

Even out in naked space, where veteran spinnerets wore cumbersome suits and moved awkwardly along tether lines, Tolly Mune chose mobility and form-fitting skinthins.

The power had made him look old and hard and tired, and this was the worst Tolly Mune had ever seen him.

Every time it caromed off the side of the cage, Tolly Mune winced with guilt.