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Tolk is a municipality in the district of Schleswig-Flensburg, in Schleswig-Holstein, Germany. It is situated approximately 8 km northeast of Schleswig, and 26 km southeast of Flensburg.

Until 2007, Tolk was the seat of the Amt ("collective municipality") Tolk, which consisted of the following municipalities (population in 2005 between brackets):

  • Brodersby (520)
  • Goltoft (235)
  • Nübel (1381)
  • Schaalby (1700)
  • Taarstedt (895)
  • Tolk (2050)
  • Twedt (505)

Usage examples of "tolk".

I might add that she is engaged upon a job, and does not want to confuse Tolk with moral issues.

A leg, a foot and an ear were all that showed where Tolk and Bee were half-buried by the dust.

The temperature ascended with the white-hot orb, until Tolk was panting out every breath.

The Pervect seemed to have less patience with Tolk than either of her companions.

Happily, Tolk picked up the pole in his teeth and trotted down the hill toward the headland.

Only Tolk had made a successful attempt so far, clapping the Sear into an invisible cup of force.

Without the whirlwind, Bee and Tolk strained to push the Manticore towards the gate.

Manticorean said as Tolk leaped up on his back and climbed up to perch on his shoulder.

I had taken Bunny aside while Tolk was repairing jabbed thighs and gouged shoulders to ask her for our bag of gold.

At the far end of the table, Melvine was bragging to Bunny how he lured Tolk into his own leaf-covered pit, from which Chumley had hauled him out.

Chumley thought he knew Tolk had no secret agenda or unsavory connections.

I noticed odd looks being exchanged between Tolk, Melvine and the Pervects.

It fell, but Tolk took a flying leap and caught it before it hit the ground.

In no time Pologne and Tolk found themselves at bay, leaping back to avoid swinging swords and jabbing pikes.

Pologne turned several of the weapons against their wielders, but she and Tolk were greatly outnumbered.