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Tolan is a surname. Notable people with the surname include:

  • Bobby Tolan (born 1945), American baseball player
  • Brentwood S. Tolan (1855–1923), American architect
  • Eddie Tolan (1908–1967), American athlete and sprinter
  • John H. Tolan (1877–1947), U.S. Representative from California
  • John Tolan, historian of religious and cultural relations between the Arab and Latin worlds in the Middle Ages
  • Johnnie Tolan (1917–1986), American racecar driver
  • Michael Tolan (born 1925), American actor
  • Peter Tolan (born 1958), American television producer, director, and screenwriter
  • Stephanie S. Tolan, American author
  • Thomas J. Tolan (1830–1883), American architect

Usage examples of "tolan".

Gregory had appeared, but Tolan, a career sergeant, was still thrown out of service.

Mark Tolan was sighting down the barrel of an unloaded Gregory Sur-Shot at a concrete duck on the far side of the swimming pool.

It was just that he was afraid any one of them might rub Tolan the wrong way and he might wind up wasting everybody on the team.

Mark Tolan had kicked his way through the unlocked door into the fortune cookie factory.

They followed Gregory back toward the kitchen where Tolan had entered.

When the four bodies lay motionless on the floor, Tolan looked down at them, smiling the satisfied smile of the redeemed avenger.

Then he let him go and Tolan swung out through the open door onto the sidewalk in front of the motel room.

The plan had been for all of them to talk to The Lizzard and get the lay of the land, but Tolan had had enough of talking.

While Gregory and Baker walked toward Lizzard, Tolan marched toward the front door of the Bay City Improvement Association.

Gregory finally fell asleep and Tolan grabbed the other two and motioned for them to follow him into the bathroom.

The thought of doing a public service made Tolan smile a little, the way he used to smile in Nam when he was doing another public service by shooting anything that was yellow and moved.

Then he was on his feet again and before Tolan could squeeze off another round, he felt the gun slapped from his hand and heard its metallic clink on the pavement.

He saw Tolan inside the lot with his hands around the neck of a thin dark-haired man.

As he watched, he saw the bulky muscular Tolan being lifted in the air, above the head of the thin man.

He glanced around the visible sections of the starfield, hoping against hope that Danice Tolan would make a last-minute appearance.