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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Tol \Tol\ (t[=o]l), v. t. (Law) To take away. See Toll.


Tol or TOL may refer to:

  • Aryl, the toluyl functional group
  • A birthday, especially the first one, in Korean culture
  • Tol language, an indigenous and near-extinct language of Honduras, also known as Jicaque
  • Toluene, a clear, water-insoluble aromatic hydrocarbon
Tol (island)

Tol is the largest and most populous island in the Faichuk group of islands in Chuuk State, Federated States of Micronesia. Located in the west of Truk Lagoon, it is surrounded by the smaller islands of Paata (Pata), Polle, Wonei (Onei), Fata Beguets, and Ulalu.

The highest point on Tol, Mount Winipat (439 m), is the highest point in Chuuk State. The high jungle forest which surrounds this peak is the sole habitat of the endemic great Truk white-eye.

Category:Islands of Chuuk State

Tol (Castropol)

Tol is one of nine parishes (administrative divisions) in the Castropol municipality, within the province and autonomous community of Asturias, in northern Spain. The population is 340 ( INE 2005).

Usage examples of "tol".

The five gas giants followed, Murora, Bullus, Achillea, Tol, and distant Puscnk with its strange cryochemistry.

The merchant Princes of Tol Honeth started by instigating a nationwide rumor campaign about the Marag practice of ritual cannibalism, and the stories grew wilder and wilder with each retelling.

The stony little river straight below muttered and gurgled, as if calling for him tol eap into its rocks and white waters for a quick, clean end of everything.

Then Beren arose and left Tol Galen, and summoning to him Dior his son they went north to the River Ascar.

Jimmy Bob's heart: she ordered a net sent from Biloxi, and had the lake dragged: "tol her it ain't no use, tol her she ain't never gonna catch them two cause the devilman, he watch over his own.

I funerali dell'altro figlioletto di Carolyn ri­chiamarono un gruppetto di persone, ma, tolta quell'occa­sione, le quattro famiglie furono lasciate in pace.

And when again thirty years had passed, Turgon son of Fingolfin left Nevrast where he dwelt and sought out Finrod his friend upon the island of Tol Sirion, and they journeyed southward along the river, being weary for a while of the northern mountains.

The two of us left Tol Honeth as evening fell over the marble city, and we entered a grove of birch-trees a mile or so north of town.

When word of all the road construction taking place in my former domain reached me at mother's cottage, I decided that I'd better set my studies aside and go to Tol Honeth to have a word with Ran Horb II to find out just exactly what his intentions were.

Snow, Garion realized, was probably a rarity in Tol Honeth, and the tiny girl romped through the soft drifting flakes with childish abandon.

The Alorn kings had arrived in Tol Honeth some weeks ago, and they joined us and we all trooped up the hill to the imperial compound , and Ran Borune advised us that the Imperial War College( was at our disposal for our strategy sessions.

Master Tol was flapping his reins and finding a surprising turn of speed in those mules.