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Tokusō (得宗) was the title (post) held by the head of the mainline Hōjō clan, who also monopolized the position of shikken (Regents to the Shogunate) of the Kamakura shogunate in Japan during the period of Regent Rule (1199-1333). Its important to not confuse a Regent to the Shogunate with a Regent to the Emperor (the latter are called Sessho and Kampaku). Shikken were the first Regents to the Shogunate.

The tokusō from 1256 to 1333 was the military dictator of Japan as de-facto head of the bakufu (shogunate); despite the actual Shogun being merely a puppet. This implies that all other positions in Japan: Emperor, the Imperial Court, Sessho and Kampaku, the Shikken (a regent of shogun) had also been reduced to figureheads.