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Toko is a small rural settlement 10 kilometres east of Stratford, New Zealand, at the intersection of East Road ( State Highway 43) and Toko Road. It is located on a railway, the Stratford–Okahukura Line, the western portion of which was operated as a branch line known as the Toko Branch prior to the line's completion. The Toko Stream flows through the area to join the Patea River.

The population of the Toko statistical area was 1164 in the 2006 Census, unchanged from 2001. The statistical area covers a large region to the east of Stratford, not just the settlement of Toko.

Toko (disambiguation)
  • Toko, another name for a Tokay gecko
  • Toko, the former Japanese name for Donggang, Pingtung, Taiwan
  • Tōko Aozaki, a fictional character in Kara no Kyōkai (空の境界?, lit. Boundary of Emptiness) a Japanese novel series
  • Tōko Fukawa, one of the fictional main character from the game series Danganronpa
  • Toko, a rural settlement 10 kilometres east of Stratford, New Zealand
  • Milton, New Zealand (formerly called Tokomairiro)
    • Toko Mouth, near Milton, New Zealand
    • Tokomairiro High School, Milton, New Zealand
    • The Tokomairiro Plain, New Zealand
    • The Tokomairiro River, New Zealand
  • Toko, Cameroon, a commune in Cameroon
  • Toko Ski Wax - product made by Mammut Sports Group
  • Toko, a shop for Asian products in the Netherlands
  • Tokonoma, a Japanese architectural feature
  • Tōko, Japanese version of the East Asian pitch-pot game
Toko (shop)

A toko ( Indonesian for shop) is a shop in the Netherlands selling mainly Asian food products of which the owners are generally Indo-European, Indonesian, Surinamese, Chinese or Vietnamese.

In Indonesia, the term toko is used a generic name for any kind of shop or store, not necessarily sold solely Asian food product. For example in Indonesia, toko roti means a bakery while a toko kelontong sells daily necessities. The term is of Indonesian origin and probably from the Chinese Hokkien loanword to refer a shop. In the Netherlands, the meanings has shifted more specifically to refer to Asian shops and takeaway restaurants.

Usage examples of "toko".

When Pete parked his coupe behind a long low sports car, Toko began making pleased chuckling noises and waving his spoon.

And it was a woman he called on to answer his first question: Toko Nabura.