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Toki can refer to:

  • The Toki clan, a Japanese samurai clan
  • Tōki Susumu, Japanese sumo wrestler
Fictional characters
  • Toki, the second of the four brothers of Hokuto Shinken in Fist of the North Star
  • Toki, a character from Hayao Miyazaki's 1997 animated film Mononoke Hime
  • Kamen Rider Tōki, A fictional character in Kamen Rider Hibiki
  • Princess Toki, a character in Naruto
  • Toki Wartooth, the rhythm guitarist of the metal band Dethklok in Metalocalypse
  • Toki Fujiwara, a character in the anime Code:Breaker
  • Toki, Gifu, a city in Gifu prefecture, Japan
  • Toki, Subcarpathian Voivodeship, in south-east Poland
  • Toki, Masovian Voivodeship, in east-central Poland
  • Toki (train), the name of a train service in Japan
  • Toki (video game), video arcade game that features an ape as the main character
  • Toki, the Japanese name of the Crested ibis
  • Toki, shamans in the ancient Ryukyu Islands
Toki (video game)

Toki, known in Japan as is a shoot 'em up platformer arcade game, or a " run and gun" developed and published in Japan by TAD Corporation and published in North America by Fabtek. It was designed by Akira Sakuma and features elements of tongue-in-cheek humor combined with the action. The player takes control of an enchanted ape who must battle hordes of jungle monsters with energy balls from his mouth. The ultimate goal is to destroy the evil wizard who cast a spell on the title protagonist; thereby transforming him from an ape back into a human, and rescuing the kidnapped princess. The game was ported to several video game consoles and home computers.

Toki (train)

The is a high-speed Shinkansen train service operated by East Japan Railway Company (JR East) on the Joetsu Shinkansen in Japan.

The name is taken from the Japanese name of the crested ibis, for which Niigata is famous.

Usage examples of "toki".

Somewhere between sunset and that part of every night when you feel the sun is gone forever, Toki began to sing.

She finished up by Toki, touched his hand, whispered, then bent to hear his quiet answer.

I had not even recognized the path, and when I realized where we were I was unwilling to go in, but Toki told me not to be a child.

I burrowed against Toki, thinking to warm myself from him while he slept.

I shall ask her to make you a good wife to Toki, since I see you love him.

After we had stabled Kund, and lit a fire and eaten, Toki fetched water from the stream.

When I was clean, Toki gave me a soft wrap to put around me and I sat beside the fire.

He stood up, threw a reproachful look at Toki, which was wasted, and went out.

I fell asleep before I knew exactly what it was that we were doing, but Toki woke me up again.

I held on to Toki while the sailors fought the sea and the sea fought the ship.

I could not make Toki hear, not even by shouting in his ear, to tell him that the blood was coming.

Beautiful they were, rising from the sea in sweet, soft folds of rock and earth, and I begged Toki to let us stay there.

Kon stayed close to Toki, nuzzling his hand from time to time, begging, I dare say, never to go to sea again.

We could only hope that I might earn my share of hospitality in the kitchen while Toki earned his in the hall.

But Toki took his harp out of its leather sack and held it in his hand to show the people his trade, and the boy smiled and ran indoors.